Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog Episode #69

A great episode for you this week, with Susie Stevens joining me to discuss all things relating to her recent appointment as President of Physical Education New Zealand. As well as covering governance in depth, Susie shares with us across a number of other domains she is involved in. Susie is an extremely knowledgeable individual who gives so much to the community and spaces she works in.
Dr Susannah Stevens (Susie) works at the University of Canterbury and has just been seconded into a new strategic role. This platform, a Knowledge Commons, is tasked with bringing together the collective knowledge, skills, mana, networks and resources of partners to support the well-being and growth of Ōtautahi Christchurch. Working with the Ministry of Education, Canterbury District Health Board, Police, Chamber of Commerce, Ngāi Tahu Research Centre, The Press, Christchurch New Zealand and the City Council, this platform has audacious ambitions to make a difference.
Prior to this, she managed a Research Institute for Child Well-being. She teaches the Graduate Diploma of Physical Education at UC, and is the President of Physical Education New Zealand. Susie loves learning, researching and challenging her thinking. She is currently part of funded research teams in the areas of well-being, movement, and Māori flourishing. Susie is actively involved with international organisations such as the Foundation of Global Community Health and the International Olympic Academy, and works hard to promote all things NZ PE on the global stage. Equally important, she has two boys, Mr9 and Mr6 who she has a tonne of fun with.

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