Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog Episode #65

Crystal Kirch taught high school math in Southern California for seven years before transitioning to a role as a Digital Learning Coach, working with teachers on integrating technology into their classrooms to support student learning.
I stumbled across her work all the way back in around 2011 / 2012 as I begun exploring a flipped approach with my classes. At this point in time, Crystal had an amazing blog detailing her flipped learning journey which included a number of great resources that really supported teachers getting started with the approach. Her creation of the WSQ (Watch, summarise, question) sheet provided a framework for teachers allowing them to ensure students were not only watching the videos, but digesting the content as well.
More recently, Crystal has released a book titled Flipping with Kirch and can be purchased through Amazon at a very reasonable price! I would definitely recommend picking this book up if the things Crystal talks about during this episode are of interest to you.
Please follow Crystal on Twitter (she is a wealth of knowledge) and don’t hesitate to jump into our free Introduction to Flipped Learning course over at Augmented Learning.

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