Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog Episode #64

This week on the podcast we have Scott Hebert from Canada! Scott is a huge advocate for the use of “gamification” in education. Gamification is the application of game mechanics in non game concepts, an approach that is gaining massive traction in education, yet is still heavily misunderstood.
Scott has transformed his classroom into a giant, year-long, RPG-style game where students compete with each other to achieve a common goal. He also shares his ideas on social media under the hashtag #GameMyClass. He has created resources and tools that are free for everyone, spending countless hours building his website, editing videos for his YouTube channel, writing blogs, and creating an online community where educators can share ideas.
A highlight for Scott has been getting up on stage and speaking at a TEDx event with a session titled “The Power of Gamification in Education“.
We touch on a number of resources, videos and other tools throughout the episode, so feel free to click through the links below to explore them in more depth:

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