Kindle Book Giveaway – Actionable Gamification

In today’s podcast episode with Charlie Lloyd, we mentioned giving away a copy of Yu Kai Chou’s book titled Actionable Gamification. This is hands down, the best book on Gamification available and if the topics Charlie and I covered in his episode were of interest to you, this is the book to read! Scroll down for information about how to enter.

Actionable Gamification: Beyond points, badges and leaderboards.

Here is the Amazon summary of the book:

The new era of Gamification and Human-Focused Design optimizes for motivation and engagement over traditional Function-Focused Design. Within the industry, studies on game mechanics and behavioral psychology have become proliferate. However, few people understand how to merge the two fields into experience designs that reliably increases business metrics and generates a return on investment. Gamification Pioneer Yu-kai Chou takes reader on a journey to learn his twelve years of obsessive research in creating the Octalysis Framework, and how to apply the framework to create engaging and successful experiences in their product, workplace, marketing, and personal lives. Effective gamification is a combination of game design, game dynamics, behavioral economics, motivational psychology, UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface), neurobiology, technology platforms, as well as ROI-driving business implementations. This book explores the interplay between these disciplines to capture the core principles that contribute to good gamification design. The goal for this book is to become a strategy guide to help readers master the games that truly make a difference in their lives. Readers who absorb the contents of this book will have literally obtained what many companies pay tens of thousands of dollars to acquire. The ultimate aim is to enable the widespread adoption of good gamification and human-focused design in all types of industries.

How to enter

Entering is simple. Open up the show page in your podcast app. Scroll to the bottom and click the button “Write a Review”. Tap the stars (5 of course!) to rate, add a title, then a quick review of the podcast.

Before you hit submit, take a screenshot of the review and email it to me via [email protected]

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