Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog Episode #62

This week we welcome Lis Wilson onto episode 62 of the Augmented Learning Podcast! Lis comes to us from the Western Academy of Beijing, but is currently back in New Zealand after getting stuck here once the world went into lock down!
Lis has significant experience using a flipped approach with her mathematics classes, and is currently involved in researching this pedagogical approach – writing up her thesis as we speak! We talk a lot about how flipped learning is misunderstood, why this approach works so well in mathematics, some of the challenges teachers might face with a flipped approach, and evidence supporting a flipped approach in the classroom.
If flipped learning is something you want to learn more about, please check out our Introduction to Flipped Learning course providing 60 minutes of PLD across five engaging lessons. A really good introduction to flipped learning for educators.

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