Augmented Learning Podcast & Vlog Episode #51

If you’re a regular listener you’re no doubt aware of my former obsession with video games and gamification. This stemmed from time spent gaming as a young teacher where I would get flown around the world playing FIFA competitively for tens of thousands of dollars (which is small time compared to what the younguns are playing for these days). This fascination lead me down a path of exploring gamification in education, a passion that has again earned me lots of fun travel to speak about how we can motivate and engage our learners through the use of game mechanics in the classroom.
Todays guest makes what I do look like small time gamification. Charlie is a Science teacher who is gamifiying his classes at another level. Through the use of powerful narrative, his students are exploring scenarios and solving problems in a way that simply couldn’t be done in a traditional classroom. His commitment to the cause is really a sight to behold and the stories he shares with us today will really challenge your perception of what a learning environment can look like.
If anything that we discuss today interests you, please check out our free Introduction to Gamification course. You can access this course here. In addition to this, we mention a book called Actionable Gamification. I promised I would give a copy of this book away, but i’m going to make you work for it! If you want to go into the draw for this book, what you have to do is, leave a review of the podcast on iTunes, take a screenshot, and send that screenshot through to me at [email protected] Easy as that!

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